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1.The number of critics calling for a change on the German bench is increasing.。
2.Nitra is the new leader of the rankings; its third win out of three came after a solid performance in the first two periods on Detva's ice.。
3.Wan Jiyuan led Zhejiang with 25 points. Huang Jiali bagged 22 before fouling out with 3:39 remaining. Wang Jiaqi had 15 points and 11 assists.。
4."I've battled with Dani [Alves] for a place in the team and that has made me a better player. I'm playing well for my club, I'm happy, and I think that everything that I've experienced in football until now has given me what I need to be able to pay for Brazil's national team and have more continuity."。
5.Out of love, Ji kept practicing dribbling and shooting all year long during her primary school.。
6.Sheffield United's striker Oliver McBurnie could have made it 2-0 for the home team in the 79th minute but his promising header bounced off the crossbar of Dusan Kuciak's goal.。


1.The inexperienced coach had to compensate that by squeezing every minute.。
2.But Nadal was better in Grand Slam clashes (9-6), especially on his favourite clay court (6-1).。
3."The important thing is that we won, which was our aim and what we were training for," the 22-year-old said.。
4.As the match progressed, Germany assumed control and Turkey's goalkeeper Mert Gunok had to be on guard to defuse long-range efforts from Julian Brandt and Luca Waldschmidt before the break.。
5."We want athletics to have a permanent home in Japan," he said. "It would be a perfect solution to bring the world championships here as soon as possible," he said.。
6.Caio Alexandre slotted in the visitors' second goal after Kanu's deft chip over Sport's defence left him face-to-face with Polli.。


1.So after claiming the WCBA title in Shanxi in 2015, Ji kneeled and cried.。
2."One month and a half ago if you tell me you're going to have this trophy with you again, I will say, This year will probably be too difficult," said Nadal who arrived in Paris this year without any tuneup tournament win, the first time in his career.。
3."We didn't show clear tactics in defense, giving many baskets to their key players and losing many rebounds in the last quarter," he noted. Enditem。
4.Jia added that his team would play several warm-up matches with foreign women's football teams or local U-17 men's teams ahead of the playoff.。
5.Former German international Olaf Thon demanded the association sacks Loew by the latest after 2021 Euro.。
6.The unexpected return to Poland seemed to be a problem for the team and changed the preparation plan for Beijing 2022 in China. For now, it is not known what the next season will look like, because the International Ice Skating Union (ISU) has recently announced that there will be no speed skating World Cup competition in 2020.。


1、"We didn't show clear tactics in defense, giving many baskets to their key players and losing many rebounds in the last quarter," he noted. Enditem。
2、Peng Huaqian's three-pointer whittled away Fujian's lead to two points with 26 seconds on the clock. Fujian guard Wei Yu-chun converted one of two free throws on the ensuing possession, but Deng Ruijie had a layup blocked by Wang Qiuyi, thus ruining Wuhan's chance of a comeback.。
3、"I could not just rest on the plane as my players did, but distributed some time to analyze opponents' tactics. I was so tired then," Ji recalled.。
4、Argentina will face Ecuador at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires on Thursday and Bolivia in La Paz next Tuesday.。
5、The decision will limit mobility into and out of the Spanish capital, where Spain will entertain Switzerland at Real Madrid's Valdebebas training ground in the UEFA Nations League on Saturday.。


Tianjin's Zhao Fangxin wasted three free throws to tie the game when they trailed at 76-79 in overtime.!


  • 三百 10-19

    "The support from the Queensland government ensures we are able to deliver the season in 2020, providing a stage for Australia's best established and emerging talent to contest the 41st edition of Australia's longest-running elite women's sporting competition," Rechter said.

  • 定义 10-18

    Penalty kills turned out to be the key component of the match in Miskolc as three out of five goals were scored on a man-advantage, including the deciding one.

  • 山之 10-17

    Busquets admitted that because of the coronavirus, it was a "strange" season. "We've not had many holidays and pre-season was shorted than usual, we have to adapt," he said, adding that the rule allowing five changes in a game was a help.

  • 指合 10-16

    "We executed everything that we prepared as regards to defense except that we still struggled with defensive rebounds. In the second half, we didn't adjust properly to their zone defense," said Shandong coach Luka Sjekloca. Enditem

  • 随即 10-15

    Beijing outscored Shandong 32-15 in the second quarter. Five Beijing players scored in double figures, led by Tang Yu's 20 points. Wang Chengcheng helped with 14 points.

  • 也尽 10-14

    The Cafeteros boss had words of support for Bayer Leverkusen full-back Santiago Arias, who was taken from the pitch on a stretcher after suffering a horrific ankle injury in the first half.

  • 出思 10-13

    The American improved her 2020 record in majors to a spectacular 16-1 after the win, during which she avoided the need for a deciding set and saved 10 of 12 breakpoints to seal the victory.

  • 暗界 10-12

    It seems inevitable for Loew to set up strict guidelines and deliver results in the remaining four internationals in 2020.

  • 一直 10-11

    "It's even more difficult now in these strange times, having to play without fans. It's not easy to play against Bolivia in the altitude of La Paz. The qualifying rounds are complicated and whoever thinks this will be easy is wrong," he added. Enditem

  • 都市 10-10

    "It is the first time in front of all managers, the CEOs, and teams with all their experienced drivers," he said. The young German promised to concentrate on his qualities and "do what I like best".

  • 卷成 10-09

    But the 56th meeting was a surprising one.

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